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Q:  "How will you know where to put my stuff?"
A:  If all else fails, apply logic. After completing hundreds of moves, we have some pretty good ideas (some you may have never thought of).

Q:  "Do I need to be there for the move-in?"
A:  Your presence is welcomed, but not necessary.  Our team of specialists will take complete charge of your move-in.  Many of our clients grasp this opportunity to take a short vacation or visit family.  When they arrive at their new home, everything is done.

Q:  "How long will it take to MOVE - ME - IN?"
A:  Our estimates are based on several factors (i.e. the size of your home-old/new, size of your family, shipping weight (an estimate made by your mover).  With all this information we can quote you how large of a team and how many days will be needed.

Q:  "How can you do this all the time & still have a sense of humor?"
A:  A sense of humor is a necessity when you’re moving. We'll be happy to share ours with you (your SMILAGE may vary).

Q:  "Since my company is relocating me, will they pay for your services?"
A:  Many companies do provide our services as a part of their relocation package even if you are new to the company. They have found that our services not only provide great benefits for you, but also for them. It reduces the stress & strain relocation places on you and your family & gets you settled quickly. This allows you to concentrate on your new assignment.  Ask your Human Resources / Relocation Department (or better yet have them contact us!).
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